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Jotting down my memories... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Shifted [Jun. 11th, 2008:07:30 pm]
[Mood ; |sicksick]

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Family Outing With SPT Asia. [May. 19th, 2008:08:25 pm]
[Mood ; |lethargiclethargic]
[; Relaxing theme |It's my life- Bon Jovi]

I am back (: But with injuries and mosquito bites )= Been feeding mosquitoes. Argh....
The resort was erm no comments. Fucking warm weather and what's more is that it's at the top of the hill. Can imagine how warm it can be.
Went to see our beds. Damn humid inside...Then place our bags and went for games :D I'm in the yellow (yellow dirty fellow) team. That's what uncle martin always saying. Hohoho... He introduced his sons to me ._. Friendly friendly and not bad not bad =X Games, Games, Games... Our team was supporting. After the captain's ball game, shower-ed and prepared for dinner. The food was like OMFG !

Day 2
Woke up , had breakfast and have a walk to the kampong areas. The journey was tiring... Walk for i dont knw how many KM... But one thing im sure of is when everyone's back, all was half dead already...Went to Room 13 ( small casino ) Watched them play and i, myself fell asleep. Afterwhich was lunch and then games. Indoor games and outdoor games. Played the tug-O-War The two guys were also involved . Melvin is damn strong. strong till i fell and injured my kneecaps and twisted my right wrist. How bad can it be? Then had the second half of the captain's ball game. Aftermath, went for a bath and prepare for the sarong night. Every one was with their sarong even those small kids. They look damn cute in it i swear. BBQ. Karaoke cum Competition session. Stupid judges. they didn't fair on their singing. What for let them be the judges. I might as well be one. Then announce the games champion and guess which team won it? HAHAS! MY TEAM ! =X Then, went back to our rooms and there was a black out ! Hot HOT HOTTT !!! Went to room 13 again and watched them play Majong till i fell asleep...

Had breakfast and free and easy session... @ 1145 , group photo... Then lunch and then packed our barangs barangs and on we went to the bus...

This is roughly what i did within the 3 days.

And lastly, Kind of enjoyed myself a little Hope there will be more coming up :D

If i were to see Melvin again, I will complain. Maybe? =X

(Will Upload Photos Soon ; I have yet to receive the photos)
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Many things ~ [May. 16th, 2008:12:41 pm]
[Mood ; |draineddrained]
[; Relaxing theme |Ru guo ni ye ting shuo guo - A-mei]

Yesterday, I really felt like dying. Due to somethings happened at home. At that point of time, my heart nearly stopped. Ask gnd to online. Cause needed someone there. Yup, he online and keep asking ~ @@ Earlier know don't ask him online. He is caring , i know. He is so Bendan =x

Exams are over ~ Going to Malaysia tomorrow for 3 days. I ... I ... I ... Don't know what to say...

I'm like in deep shit and i don't know what will happen to me. So you guys can say byebye to me now.


Just sit back and enjoy the song .
I have been listening to it for the past few days...
So addictive.
I realize that, every week, i will have a new addictive song =X

          *  *            *  *
      *          *    *          *
     *             *              *
      *                          *
          *                  *
               *         *
     For My G.N.D :DD
             B & B <3
           300308 <3

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Holidays ! [May. 13th, 2008:01:28 pm]
[; Relaxing theme |No air]

One last paper and I am free. Will be going to a resort on the coming weekend. Hope it will be fun. And at the end of this month, will be attending my beloved cousin's wedding. And I would get to see my cute little cousins.
Looking forward to that day !

Some people just take things for granted. Say this but does that. Weird people... Acts as if close to someone but deep inside, just another acting scene. People just see the surface of everything. Well, I admit i do look at the surface of everything. Who doesn't? I'm not like those who will back-stabbed friends at the back. ( I am not referring to anyone-Those who did it will be guilty )
I just hate those fake-rs. Fake on the outside is more then enough. But fake on the inside? Might as well be a loner then. So that you won't hurt others.

Just a random topic...
But if you are one of them, get lost .

No photos taken recently. Maybe I'll flood them when I am back from holidays (:

I Love S.C.D (:
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IMY D: [May. 5th, 2008:10:24 pm]
[; Relaxing theme |Love and Freedom]

Time really changes things real fast. A few days back, been feeling really restless and can quarrel over small things. It's been 3 days since we last talk. I took the first move to message you and yup, waited in vain all night for that 'pathetic' reply of yours. Ah so whatever! If it's what you want, then so be it. I just don't know how to tell you what i feel. Lucky for me, mole-goat was there for me.

Mango came to find me today. Because she ponteng from school. Naughty =X So she came to my house and waited for me to prepare and accompany her to polyclinic. Met hikaru / zhongen and jolene  ^_^. Jolene is so friendly ^__^ That %&^%^&& zhongen, GND ^__^ Went to lan for a while and almost got "taji" LOL ! That person, w/e i have no comments on it. So childish can? Bought cake for mango and celebrated it at the park ._. hikaru is damn thoughtful la=,='' He will ask me behind her back what she likes . But i'm really speechless in the speed of process they are at now. Really speechless.Didn't know things would turn out so fast. Just hope that you and him will last long (: Met xiao lan , temptation. Then dap and nic came :D lala ~ Sy came , slacked till 8 plus then headed home. I saw my classmate SIA =x

Don't say things about my past. I'll get fucking pissed off. Because it's my past. I don't like hearing about it or rather people care about my past.

Felt weird w/o you D:

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LOVES <3 [Apr. 27th, 2008:10:32 pm]
[; Relaxing theme |Bu an jing de ye - xu ren jie]

Can't seem to quit my addiction <3

Ohkays, my xlg wants me to update my journal so i'm here updating...

My mind is completely blank man..................... I have been sneezing the fucking whole day -,-" and he calls me ahchoo girl. HAHAS! He this weak ass sick for 3 days? LOL ! Takecares! Tomorrow's your exam. Study hard.(i knw u won't study when i ask u to study ;x)
But i guess when he doesn't message me for a day, i feel weird. hahas ! It's like daily routine ;x He is just so cute =X
There goes my ahchoo sickness -,-" *sneezing in progress*
I need an antidote ! LOL! ;x

Life would be complete meaningless w/o you :D
<3 V.VIP =X
<3 Xiao Lan :D
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I need you =\ [Apr. 23rd, 2008:08:12 pm]
[; Relaxing theme |Bu an jing de ye - xu ren jie]

Addictive <3
"So near yet so far"
I was being attitude-d 2 times yesterday. One is more then enough. But another one came. It is like so fuck-ed up. Apparently, i did nothing wrong and i was being attitude. Attitude-d by the 2 person i cared most. It can be damn saddening in this situation. It seemed that we can quarrel over anything. I don't like this. I want things to be like before. Can we? Before you played the game with her. I want things before that. As for now, i don't know if you meant what you said. But i can tell you, i mean everything i said. But if things are gonna continue this way, I will just let go. Of cause reluctant to let go.

I like going to school. School excites me. I don't know why. Having to squeeze with the morning crowd is not so nice but it is a must in the morning. =\
& of cause
my xiao lan <3
V.I.P <3

This is berlissa (sweetie)
Sorry that the picture is small.
Ure not buang :D
Your pretty ^^ <3
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Loved :D [Apr. 20th, 2008:10:42 pm]
[; Relaxing theme |Bleeding love]

Sometimes. i wondered. If what you said was true anot.
Well, it doesn't matter now. Because I don't feel that it's worth my concern.

Having my presentation tomorrow. And I'm having butterfiles in my stomach already. Just hope everything goes on smoothly tomorrow.

Woke up with both swollen eyes today. Didn't know what i did overnight with my eyes. ( Of cause not watching Yellow things. LOL! ) It's so puffy that it's only half my normal vision. I just hope the swell will go off tomorrow.

Thanks for being there for me when i'm feeling down :D
We have each other as company.
Though it's merely a game, you treat me good.
I really feel the love you gave.
It's really sweet (:
Hahas, I don't know if your looking at this anot.
All i want to say again is,
Thanks You <3

[edited ; 10.00pm:Monday]
I just want to find topic to start with you but thinking back on what you have said, really disappoints me. You could actually say those things w/o thinking twice. Well, it is kind of obvious to me already. Therefore. I don't think i will carry on with the life i use to have. A changed in that will definitely will help me. I am like recapping on our conversations we had from late night till early morning. But all you care and talk is just about another person. Which made me speechless. Speechless in which i've really got nothing to say. No words can describe it at all. I really feel like giving up. Can i? Do i have the strength to do so? I really hope you would be the one there for me. =\
Words of encouragement? (:
imy =\\

I am sososososo ohkays (:
hohohoho ;x
My presentation next week =\\
What the heck !
Another week of nervous breakdown ;x

You made my heart skip a beat ;
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A new beginning. [Apr. 7th, 2008:03:27 pm]

First day of school.
Morning didn't really turn out well.Some inconsiderate people jump-d off the track at Cck. Yew Tee MRT was pack-d with humans! Met up with Daphne, Charmane and Shi Yu. So we decided to take a cab. And yup, all the lines were so busy. And they just hang-d up my phone. Wasted my 5 minutes to call. I could use-d that 5 minutes to talk to my VIP :D Fail-d to get a cab. So walk-d back to Control station. And the trains were all in service again. it's took more then an hour, ohkays! It just sucks to have this very thing early in the morning. Train-d to queenstown and took the shutter bus to school.

The school was pretty cool. Was late for lessons. The class is big. I mean the amount of people and not the the classroom. I'm really looking forward to everything. Had our lunch at the canteen. The food was not bad. BlahhBlahh...(Am lazy to continue)

My cam-whoring mood is back xDD

My audi ring has upgrade-d !

Me and my stupid faces. LOL !

I'll never leave you till the ocean drys up,
humans become extinct and
never ending care & concern for each other <3

My promised to you :D
❤ Xiao Lan.
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April Fool [Apr. 1st, 2008:10:30 am]
[Mood ; |restlessrestless]
[; Relaxing theme |tell me-pitbull ft. frankie j]

I'll emphasize on this again ; I hate people who say that i did those things which i didn't do it.
Don't treat me like I don't know any thing at all. Instead I do know a lot more things. You said this but do the another thing. Have been thinking of it for hours. Ended up, i didn't slept a wink at all. Kept wondering why did all this shits happen. And the matter on you want to confess, even if you don't say, I can simply guess it right and i was right on the spot. I didn't expect you to do this. Well, as what people had said. Don't judge it's book by it's cover. You made me speechless. Ah, forget it. I still wanna hear what you wanna confess to me. I don't really have the patiences at all.

I fool-d my typio couple that I am going to break couple. And he fell for it. ! LOL ! And yup, this morning he fool-d me back by saying he didn't go to school. DOTS.
My typio king to sooo BENDAN =X <33 ~

I'm starting school next week. Won't get to online much. I'm gonna miss you people. <3 ~
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